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Alisa Group

Welcome to the web pages of Alisa Group


The formation Alisa Group was based in 2006 as a cooperation of several independent partners, whose business activities complement each other.


We are specilased in the field of export/import consultancy and international trade and marketing. 

We are also part of international consultant company Market Connect, which helps companies to expand on the global markets.


What we offer: 

- territory and market analysis

- marketing research and development

- developing suitable marketing strategy

- assistence at export/import activities


For any further information do not hesitate to contact us.  





Mgr. Ing. Anna Vavrušová, DiS.

Švambovce 334

CZ-76001 Zlín


E: anna@alisagroup.com

M(CZ):+420 777 707 594

M(CH):+41 764 705 383